Qualified Transportation Accounts

Qualified Transportation Accounts (QTAs)

for Parking and Commuter Benefits

QTAs allow employees to set aside pre-tax funds used for eligibile transit and parking expenses related to commute to work, governed by IRC section 132. 

System Capabilities

Multiple Accounts

If the participant already has a ResourceOne Health Payment Card for other accounts, such as a FSA, HRA, or HSA, the commuter benefit(s) can be stacked on the same Card.

Pre & Post Tax $$

The Card maintains separate accounts for “purses” of pre- (and post-) tax money for parking and transit and directs the card transaction to the appropriate purse based on the Merchant Category Code at the point of sale. 

Rideshare Solution

When a participant request a rideshare option with Uber or Lyft, the ResourceOne Debit Card can be used to pay for the ride. 

Card Benefits


Participants are able to use a secondary form of payment when the purchase exceeds their monthly election.


When the participant uses the Card for parking expenses, there's no paying cash up front, no claim forms to fill out, and no waiting for reimbursements.


The Card can be used for mass transit passes, tokens, or fare cards purchased at a valid transit fare terminal.

Ease of Use

The ResourceOne Prepaid Benefits Card is easy to understand, convenient, and provides an automatic way to pay for qualified transit expenses.

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