Health Reimbursement Account

Health Reimbursement Account

Key Features

Benefits Card

With your HRA account, employees will receive a prepaid benefits card that makes it fast and convenient to access the funds. 

Account Info

24/7/365 access to your account information through our consumer portal, mobile app, and employer portal. 

Creative Plan Design

A success HRA accounts give the employer the ability to create an HRA plan design. The HRA can be partnered with an HSA or FSA. 

Manage Account Alerts

The Employer Portal and Consumer Portal gives you the ability to customize your alerts and notifications. 

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Our easy-to-use app helps you quickly find what you need to make a payment, capture a receipt or take any number of actions – whether you’re on the couch or waiting in line. With ResourceOne CDH, you can get it done fast. 

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