Health Plan Administration

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Health Plan Administration

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Easy access to affordable Healthcare! Evolution is an innovative way to save Members, Clients, and Providers time and Money!


Access network of licensed doctors 24/7/365 to diagnose, treat, and often prescribe for a variety of medical issues over the phone. The best part is that the phone call is FREE to talk with a licensed doctor!

Case Management & UR

MedCareOne coordinates care to ensure that the patients receive the highest-quality service for the claim dollars spent!

Pharmacy Benefit Managers

RX costs continue to rise and finding the right partner is everything. ResourceOne partners with PBM's that offer Transparency, Pass-through Discounts, and Rebates.

Claims Payment

ResourceOne's staff process and pays the claims for our clients. We have the expertise to ensure that our client's claims are paid accurately and in a timely manner.

Creative Plan Design

ResourceOne gives our clients the ability to customize their benefit design. We are able to partner with other vendors and tailor make our system to fit the needs of our client.

First in Class Service

Juggling the complex world of healthcare is daunting. Our team is trained and taught to own each issue that comes our way. Integrity is a core value and we will always act with your interest in mind.

Data Analytics

Reports are everything in Healthcare! Healthcare cost rises each year and we give our clients complete control of the data so they know where their money is going each month.

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